We Are Media.

At Desert Rose Media we live and breath social media. Some might say we are obsessed, but most say we are experts. We believe that the most important way to communicate to your target market is through social media. So who is your target market? What is your voice? What does your company rock at? What is your brand and what does that look like? These are all questions we can answer and make your company thrive. So what do we do? At Desert Rose Media we are committed to making sure your company shines by posting regularly on all social media platforms. No company is too small or too young. Does your company need a face lift? We have that covered too. We will generate a business plan and content calendar that defines business strategies and tactics that works within your scope. From blogs, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook our team has you covered. Just think of us as your best friend, because we will always have your back and best interest at heart. 

About the founder.

With 6+ years of marketing experience, Founder and Creative Director, Rachael Stipanov is a highly creative and passionate marketing manager with extensive experience in mixed media, marketing, social media and print design. With her direct approach and brand loyalty, her strength is seeing the bigger picture within a brand. Rachael is a dynamic quick thinker focused on problem solving, attention to detail and client satisfaction. Creator of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns; disciplined in executing deadlines in a fast pace environment while staying within budget requirements. Rachael is inspired by finding the right fit for all clients and making sure your brand voice shines through targeted marketing content. She understands that no two companies are a like and works endlessly in insuring your content is unique to your brand. Brand recognition is the heart of any strong brand, staying in the know is what sets her apart.